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ESP Online
More About ESP Online
Go Mobile with ESP® Online
Ever wish you could have access to all of your client data from the road? You can with ESP Online!
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Work Faster and Smarter…
With ESP® Online’s Latest Release, Version 2.2
Vol. 1, Issue 3, February 2, 2006
ESP Online, the industry’s premiere project manager, has added powerful features and services with its latest release, Version 2.2. Enjoy improvements to supplier ratings, upgrades to ESP Online's exclusive Client Projects feature, and the ability to see the industry's top word and category searches.
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Printer Estimates $500,000 in ad specialties sales in 2005
By Saying ‘Yes’ to ASI and ESP®
Vol. 1, Issue 2, October 14, 2005
Lisa and Darwin Buehler of D & L ALLEGRA PRINT & IMAGING,
(asi/ 173971) Little Rock, AK were tired of saying ‘no.’

“Can you print my logo on a shirt? – ‘No.’”
“Can you get me awards for my top performing salespeople? – ‘No.’”
“Can you help me find promotional products for a golf outing? – ‘No.’”

Frustrated with turning sales away from their loyal print customers, they decided to join ASI and tap into the $17 billion dollar ad specialties industry.

Four years later Lisa, Darwin and their Allegra Print and Imaging store are saying ‘yes’ to client’s requests for promotional products to the tune of $500,000 per year – a milestone achieved by using
ESP® Online.

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Respond Faster To Your Customers …
With ESP® Online 2.1’s New Features
Vol. 1, Issue 1, July 11, 2005
One of the keys to success in the promotional products business is responding quickly and accurately to customer requests. It’s how you blow your competition away.

ASI Members are becoming more productive, proactive and efficient with ESP Online 2.1’s new features. Try it out for FREE for 30 days and see your sales increase!
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Cher Marketing Inc. Predicts A Minimum of 25% Growth
With ESP® Online
Vol. 1, Issue 1, July 11, 2005
ASI promotional products sales jumped to a Record $17.8 Billion in 2005.
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