5 BIG reasons to invest in this marketing powerhouse.

What’s the power of print that makes it such a driving force – especially in the promo products industry? Here are 5 reasons why print works.


It’s a great complement to your digital marketing.

In a sea of likes, shares and swipes, it’s easy to see you can advertise online and on social media to attract attention. But you know what makes digital advertising work even better? Adding print into your marketing plan. A well-rounded strategy needs to include all forms of media so that everywhere your potential next customer looks, they’re reminded of your brand. Plus, print can help you break through all the digital noise.

Response rates from catalogs increased by 170% from 2004 to 2018.


It's all about the viewer experience.

Print marketing is absorbed with more leisure and freedom. Its tangible nature also makes it more of a sensory experience than digital media. Multiple studies have proven print is more interactive, credible, comprehensible and personal, and creates stronger impressions. In 2020, print ads made use of QR codes, URLs and other referral links that redirect you to digital landing pages about a company’s products. Print marketing is also adding personalization of names, 3-D techniques, visuals, textures and smells, making it even more interactive and giving it a whole new way to engage people.

Wayfair, Bonobos, Birchbox and Amazon are all now printing catalogs.


It builds brand awareness.

The role of print marketing has changed over the years due to the spike in social media and digital marketing, but it’s still a crucial vehicle to reach various demographics and educate all prospects about products. When coupled with digital marketing, print reinforces brand awareness.

A popular men’s clothing retailer reports that 20% of its website’s first-time customers are placing their orders after having received a catalog.


It influences purchasing decisions.

In fact, print catalogs actually have a stronger influence on purchasing decisions than websites or TV ads.Why? Because it requires the viewer (aka future purchaser) to be more of an active participant in the advertisement. A recipient of digital or television advertising is in a passive state, meaning they are simply being shown the ad versus choosing to view it. When someone picks up a catalog, they're actively choosing to participate in the advertisement.

72% of people surveyed said that catalogs make them more interested in that retailer’s products.


People love it.

The physical experience of flipping through a magazine or catalog evokes positive feelings. Much like reading a good book or watching a compelling show, they tell the brain it’s experiencing an escape from the stress of daily life – which means dopamine levels rise.

Print is a trusted platform that’s continuing to flourish. It’s a major brand builder and a great avenue to showcase what you have to offer! 

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