Own the ESP Search Results Page

From pens to mugs, distributors can find anything they want in ESP® using just a few keywords. It’s important your products stand out. Are your listings getting missed? Is your product info up to date? In this guide, we’ll break down the essential components to optimizing your products in the industry’s #1 business platform. We’ll cover:

Product Data Checklist

The Anatomy of a Search Result

Supplier Stores

ESP Advertising Positions

Product Data Checklist

Make sure all your business and product information is accurate, up to date and compelling.

Ratings: Frequently check your supplier ratings in ESP – it can make or break a distributor’s purchasing decision.

Product Confirmation: Make sure your products are marked Confirmed with a small blue checkmark.

Images: Use recent hi-res images for your products in all colors you have available.

Product Details: Description must be accurate with current pricing and imprint info and provide the distributor with everything they need to make a purchasing decision.

Special Offers: List current specials.

Video: Upload videos onto your product detail pages to give distributors a 360-degree view of the item.

Supplier Stores

Your Supplier Store is a one-stop shop for distributors.

House all your company and product information in one easy location. Your Supplier Store is maintenance-free – update your products in ESP and they auto update in your store.

The Anatomy of a Search Result

• Some shoppers browse. When a distributor doesn’t know what they want, they’ll window shop page 1 of search results and focus on those recommendations.

• Many shoppers filter. Distributors apply filters to narrow down search results by ratings, color, cost, video and more.

• Some search by product category. Distributors may look for a specific type of product, but be open to other details. These searchers narrow by product category.

• Others simply search. These visitors know exactly what they want and rely on the search bar. Their searches range from general (i.e. red hat) to specific (i.e. crimson fedora with feather).

ESP Advertising

Target distributors within a specific category on the search results page.



Contact your account representative to discuss ESP advertising options.

Let’s Discuss How Your ESP Product Listings Are Doing!

After you optimize and enhance your product listings, you can access performance statistics to measure your results.

Click Rate: How many clicks each product received.

What’s working: Which ad techniques, keywords and images are helping.

What you can improve: Areas where your listings could perform better.

How your Supplier Store is doing: Are visitors showing an interest in your business and products?

Let’s connect and chat about solutions! Contact your account representative today.