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How Sponsored Content can help you stand out.

Content marketing is a slow burn and something that builds results over time, especially if it is packaged in different ways. Sponsored Content in ESP® is a great option to help you stand out in ESP search results and get in front of distributors searching for products like yours. Read on below to learn all the details of this powerful content marketing opportunity

Size of Ad Spot

Sponsored Content in ESP takes up a large piece of real estate within search results, guaranteeing placement that captures attention and showcases your brand in a different way than the normal listing.

Offerings Within the Ad Spot

Instead of a normal search result listing with one product, Sponsored Content in ESP allows you to promote three of your products in one listing, giving browsing distributors more options.

Content that Complements

Our onsite creative team creates unique content that complements the products listed on the ad spot, growing your brand's presence online.

Who Can Benefit from this Ad Spot?
  • Suppliers with Unique Products: Does your product or service need more explanation than an image and name can supply? ESP Sponsored Content is a great opportunity to provide more in-depth details on your product's features, functions and more!
  • Suppliers Utilizing Content Marketing: Repurpose your content and place it in this ad unit so you get the most traction out of it.
  • Complement Your Current Marketing Tactics: Are you already utilizing ad spots such as You May Also Like or Related Products? These ad units make a great complement to a Sponsored Content in ESP strategy because this means you have a great, unique presence on Product Detail pages as well as search results. This provides a ton of brand recognition and recall.

See how this could fit into your strategy!
Check out this quick video to see how this ad works.

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