The Anatomy of ESP Website Advertising

ESP Websites are a network of distributor e-commerce websites where end-buyers can shop for and purchase promo products. Once a supplier enrolls in ESP Websites, all product info is pulled directly from ESP®, making product updates maintenance-free. See how you can take it one step further with ESP Websites advertising and put your products front and center.

Home Page Advertising

Top Categories

Reserves a category in a dropdown menu. When clicked, end-buyers go to a search results listing of all products in that reserved category.

Product Collections

Promotes 9 or 36 products with similar themes on the home pages of ESP Websites.

Home Page Rotating Banner

Promotes your products or brand on a home page banner. Up to 4 reserved per day.

Product of the Day

Your product will appear on the home page in the Product of the Day section. This exclusive opportunity is limited to one advertiser and one product per day.

Video Library

Show distributors and end-buyers your products in action by including one or more videos.

Search Results & Product Detail Pages Opportunities

Pay for Placement

Positions products at the top of every page of search results. Maximum of 4 spots available per search results page.

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Recommends up to 5 of your products to end-buyers when they view one of your products in detail.

Take end-buyers’ attention away from other suppliers with ESP Websites advertising. Contact your account executive today to learn more.