What is Trigger Marketing?

When a distributor shows interest in your product while browsing ESP®, it “triggers” an email designed to lead them back to your listings to complete the sale. It’s one of the best ways to follow up with a lead who's ready to buy.

How does it work?

After clicking on your product and then browsing away without buying, the distributor is sent an email from you (which can include an exclusive offer or other type of messaging). This will remind them of the product and give them an extra incentive to purchase. You can learn more about the process in this short video.

Why is it important?

Reaching distributors in their inboxes with personalized messages is an effective way to forge a connection, and by contacting those who have already shown interest in your products, you’re marketing message is more likely to stick. Most importantly, it’s proven to work! ESP data from Q1 2021 showed that trigger marketing emails yield a 26.6% unique open rate and a 10% click-thru rate.

Suppliers who use Trigger Marketing

Trigger Marketing is one of the best ways to continue the conversation outside of ESP.

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