The Guide to
Sponsored Content in ESP

ESP® is the #1 platform for sourcing promotional products. Distributors search ESP to find products, get inspired by what’s new, add to their presentations and more. While searching for products, distributors are also looking for fresh ideas to show their buyers. One strategy to aid in distributor searches and get you some serious product and brand exposure is Sponsored Content in ESP.

Sponsored Content in ESP is where content marketing integrates with product search results. Here’s a little Q&A to get you acclimated:

Q:  Where does this sponsored section appear in ESP?
A:  Right within search result listings.
Q:  What does it look like?
Q:  What products get included?
A:  Three of your products that are the most relevant to the search terms.
Q:  What’s included in the content blurb?
A:  The initial content blurb is a teaser of the full content piece with a “Read full article” option that takes the viewer to the full piece.
Q:  How does this ad unit work?
A:  After a distributor conducts a product category search in ESP, the Sponsored Content in ESP ad unit is displayed in the first page of the search results.
Q:  How does it benefit me?
A:  Sponsored Content in ESP engages, inspires and educates your prospective distributor customers, making it more likely that they’ll purchase from you.
Q:  What is Sponsored Content in ESP best used for?
A:  This is a unique ad unit that’s the perfect placement for:
  • Explaining complex products
    Highlight products that need a bit more explanation to be understood or fully appreciated
  • Promoting new features of your products
    Use this ad unit to show what’s been updated or improved about your product
  • Building brand identity
    Gain recognition for your brand while also promoting specific products

Refreshing your content is more important than ever!

Now that you’re running Sponsored Content in ESP, the best way to stay relevant and get the most bang for your buck is to keep it fresh and current.

Content has a shelf life, and updating it is crucial to your success. We have several updating options that range from simply changing the product images to updating the entire content piece itself. Consider updating your content to stay relevant with seasonal changes or to promote the rollout of a new product line.

Consumers are always looking for new content, which is why this ad unit receives a 58.7% average click-thru rate!

What if you already have existing content built by ASI?

If you have existing content marketing with ASI®, you can repurpose it for Sponsored Content in ESP. Simply work with your account executive to get started.

See how Sponsored Content in ESP works in this video!


Sponsored Content in ESP has proven to be an excellent vehicle for advertising. Contact your account executive to get started.