Product Discovery & Consideration

Want more prospects to find your products? Try highlighting them on product detail pages and letting distributors know more about what you have to offer. Related Products and You May Also Like ad spots are great opportunities to do just that.

Highlight Features

To show your products in the best light, consider product videos, which will give distributors a 360-degree view of your offerings.

Boost Brand Awareness

Place your logo in search results and direct distributors straight to your products with our Featured Suppliers service.

Inspiration & Education

If you’re looking to engage distributors while they’re searching in ESP, Sponsored Content in ESP is one of best ways to let distributors know more about your products.

Storytelling & Branding

With Supplier Stores, you can showcase your brand in its entirety as a one-stop shop in ESP that contains your products, videos, company information and more.

Competitive Edge

Standing out from your competitors is a must for making a name for yourself in the industry, and with our Product of the Day ad spot, you’ll get exposure right on the ESP home page. This is limited to one product and one supplier per day, so it won’t go unnoticed!


Converting window shoppers into buyers will put your business on the fast track to growth. Trigger Marketing will target distributors who clicked on your products but didn’t purchase with follow-up emails for a second chance to land the sale.

Exposure & Visibility

Want to show up more frequently in search results? Search Engine Optimization will improve your products’ search positions based on effective keywords in your product descriptions, and Pay for Placement will put your product in one of the top nine search results in your product category.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your account executive to get started with ESP Advertising.