Sponsored Social Ads –
The Boost You Need.

ASI® has connections all over the world and U.S. and we’re here to let you tap into our vast reach. How are you going to do this? Through social media, of course! ASI can connect you to thousands of users and distributors across Facebook and Instagram to get people thinking about your brand, products and the potential for a lasting partnership. Let’s get started!

91% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content.*

Taking the First Step

Take a leap and start and order. Once entered, Creative Labs will put together an excel sheet of your schedule with material deadlines to ensure the most creative and effective post. We’ll reach out with this info along with a spec sheet to help keep everyone on track. Don’t worry, you’ll receive reminders and check-ins when your due date is near.

Developing Your Strategy

Once all the materials are received, our team reviews them to make sure assets are the correct size (making sure you have a clear photo or video can go a long way). We also check that there isn’t any lingo used that Facebook may flag and ultimately reject your ad. During this step we also send it through to our proofing team to make sure the words are just as clear as the image.

Ready, Set, Advertise: Our Team Sets Up Your Ad For Success

When everything is approved on our end, our team then sets up your ad to run in our system.

Track Your Progress

At the end of the month, you will receive a screenshot of your completed ad campaign along with its insights.

Why It’s Worth It

Increased brand awareness

In-depth analytics

Drive quality traffic

Reduce your workload

Expert advice

What Should I Share?

New products


Sample giveaways

Breaking news

Job postings

Limited-time offers

Event promotion

Upcoming webinars


We know you may need some inspo for how this will work for you and we’re here to help. Click each to take a closer look!

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