Thanks for Joining ASI

Thanks for joining ASI® as a supplier member!

We're so happy to have you. This page is designed to guide you through each of your first 3 months of membership. Come back at any time to make sure you're on track. We're honored to be your partner and look forward to seeing your business grow in the promotional products industry. Let's get started.

  1. List your products in ESP with coded pricing – it's simple!

    The most important thing to do is add your products to our sourcing platform, ESP®, so when distributors run searches in your product category, they can find your products. Distributors then add the products to presentations or just pitch them right to clients.

    Want help uploading?

    Send your information to our Date Updates team at The information we'll need includes:

    • Product description – What is the product, how is it used and who is it a good fit for? These are all important details, along with size and available colors.
    • Images – High-resolution images only. Distributors will not view pixelated pictures, and you want to make a great first impression.
    • Imprint method – Distributors need to know how their clients can add their logo to your products.
    • Pricing with codes – Provide your current pricing. Codes protect the supply chain in our industry, so make sure to include them.
    • Production times – Distributors need to know how long an order will take when they're pitching your products to clients.

    Want to upload yourself?

    It's easy. All you have to do is log in to the Dashboard (reference your welcome email from your supplier specialist for your custom link). If you need help, you can watch our quick miniseries on how to do it.

  2. Update all contact information on your company page in ESP.

    Distributors need to know how to get in touch with you, and they usually look at your website. Make it easy for them to sell your products by providing all your contact information.

  3. Upload your logo into ESP.

    Remember: Your logo should be eye catching and tied to your products or services. Need help? We've got your back. Reach out to your rep and ask how our in-house ad agency, ASI Creative Labs, can help you with logo creation.

  1. Schedule email blasts included in your membership.

    Your membership includes free email marketing, so it's time to schedule it. Reach out to your supplier specialist or account executive to get your email send on the calendar.

  2. Need a website?

    We know you're busy. You may not have time to put together a website, or you may want to switch up an existing one. Take a look at our available website options.

  3. Enhance products in ESP.

    • SEO program – Consider enrolling in SEO and our experts will adjust your product copy to include keywords searching distributors use.
    • Product images – Upload pictures showing different angles, imprint methods and colors of your product. Visuals help distributors sell your products much better than asking end-buyers to imagine what the products will look like.
    • Product video – If you have a product video, be sure to add it to your ESP Product Detail Page listing. Need a video created? The team at ASI Creative Labs can shoot and edit one for you. Complete the form here or contact your supplier specialist for details.
    • Upload a digital catalog – Catalogs are excellent marketing tools. Upload yours to ESP so distributors can easily browse it or show clients.
  4. Get familiar with Connect.

    Connect is a fantastic tool you can use to explore distributors' credit scores and payment habits. This will help you make better decisions on who to do business with based on information from other suppliers who've had good experiences or gotten burned. You can also use Connect as a prospecting tool and find out which distributors have been searching for products like yours in ESP. Here are some ways to get started with Connect:

    • Dashboard – Explore your dashboard and how to navigate around the platform.
    • Connect video – Watch this quick video on how to use Connect.
    • API setup – Distributors prefer to know pricing and product details are current, and they also like knowing about inventory levels. If this is information you're interested in providing to drive sales, email to set up auto-updates.

  1. Confirm scheduled email blasts included in your membership.

    Reach out to your supplier specialist or account executive to confirm when your emails are deploying.

  2. Review the Media Kit.

    There are lots of ways to stand out across ASI media and a variety of services ASI offers to suppliers. Review the Media Kit and discover which ad spots work best for your business, as well as services that can enhance your brand (like logo and website design).

  3. Prep for ASI Shows.

    ASI Show® trade shows occur three times a year – in Orlando, Fort Worth and Chicago – and exhibiting is an excellent way to showcase your products and make connections with distributors. Review the ASI Show website to start prepping for the next show.

  1. Ensure email blasts and any other advertising in packages are scheduled.

    Contact your supplier specialist to make sure your free advertising is scheduled and ready to launch.

  2. Reach out to your account executive to review your marketing plan.

    Your account executive can advise you on upcoming opportunities and review what you have scheduled.

  3. Understand how to do semiannual reporting.

    Semiannual reporting helps improve our Connect tool so that we have the most up-to-date info on the way distributors pay their bills.





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