Advantages™ Hot Deals Newsletter Volume 336 / October 11, 2010
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Happy Columbus Day! Of course, Steve and I are working and our sons have school today, so where's the love for good old Christopher, huh? Well, at least we live in the great country he discovered. And here is what I have discovered today. Enjoy this edition! Send your feedback directly to: It may be published in a future issue of Advantages magazine. For free information on products featured in Advantages, click here:

Sales Tip of the Week

– Kathy Huston, editor 

Covered in Inspiration
The Pitch: I'm excited to report that tomorrow morning at 10:30 ET, Michael J. Fox will be a special guest on our radio show (tune in at: I find him both adorable and inspirational. If you're looking for some inspiration in the form of a great new product, check out item #20374 from Kanata Blanket Company (asi/63823). It's the Inspirational Velura super-soft throw blanket. It's imprinted with words of inspiration and motivation like, "Believe," "Inspire" and "Passion" and would be a unique idea for sales kickoff meetings in January, conferences, training sessions and more. It is 50" x 60" and machine washable. Pricing starts at: 12; $35; P. For more info, email:  
The Bottom Line: Throw it out there.

Red Run
The Pitch: In honor of Red October, which they're calling it around here in the Philly area after the Philles swept the Reds last night, I searched for red products. I came up with this great idea from Brandwear Basics (asi/41545). Item #00203 is a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial wristband with a pocket that holds keys, license, credit cards, etc. It's called The Kylie Key Cuff and it's the perfect idea for runners and health clubs. Pricing starts at: one for $7.50-P. Besides red, it comes in black, charcoal heather, magenta and green. Click here:
The Bottom Line: Cuff 'em.

Straight Up
The Pitch: I just read "Unusual Uses for Vodka" online and I didn't know that it can be used as a stain remover. Did you? Which makes me wonder what it does to your insides. At any rate, if you prefer your vodka with tonic and lime, try something different on your stains. For instance, Vispak Inc. (asi/93987) offers the Spot Out mini instant stain remover, with 100% biodegradable ingredients and made from recycled plastic. It attaches to a key chain or lanyard and is a perfect idea for anyone, since we're all messy from time to time. Pricing starts at: 100; $2.89-R.Check it out:
The Bottom Line: It's outta here!

Sneezy & Grumpy
The Pitch: My allergies have really been raging the past couple of days and this time of year, it pays to have tissues hanging around. Paper Group Co./Hankeez Brand (asi/43076) takes that literally. Item WDG-70 is a hanging tissue box containing 70 two-ply tissues. It's available in all kinds of designs. Pricing starts at: 2500; $1.94-S. Check it out here:
The Bottom Line: What's your hang-up?

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