Advantages™ Hot Deals Newsletter Volume 325 / August 30, 2010
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Hello, everyone! I'm back from vacation and raring to go. Trust me, this enthusiasm will wane by tomorrow, so let's use it to our advantage while we can. Enjoy this edition. Send your feedback directly to: It may be published in a future issue of Advantages magazine. For free information on products featured in Advantages, click here:

– Kathy Huston, editor 

All Good Things
The Pitch: It's back-to-school week around here and my high-school guy is not liking it. On our return trip Saturday, Andrew said, "What's the point of being happy on vacation when it only ends in sadness?" LOL. You have to love teenagers. All good things must come to an end, I told him, so you better make the memories last. RMK Worldwide Inc. (asi/80289) has a new Coby 1.8 Digital Photo Keychain with LCD full-color display. This is a fun idea for travel and special events; also think about hospitals giving these out to new parents. Wouldn't that be unique? Item DP180 starts at: one for $14.44-T. The supplier is updating their website, so email:  
The Bottom Line: Snapshot sales.

School Bells
The Pitch: This summer flew by, did it not? Help get kids back in the school spirit with custom-shaped erasers from Novelty Premium (asi/74408). Think about sports teams, mascots, businesses and more. How about house-shaped for Realtors? Pricing starts at: 10,000; .93-R.For more info on item #100-156, email:
The Pitch: Erase it all.

Rock On
The Pitch: My sons are into music and concerts big time and they keep all their ticket stubs pinned to their bulletin boards. Something like this item from Peter Pauper Press (asi/77802) would be ideal for similar groupies and sports fans. Item #3509 is the Just the Ticket stub organizerwith 15 archival plastic pages that fit up to 60 tickets, with space for notes. It takes standard 8" x 8" refill pages. Playbills, programs, and other keepsakes can be stored in an inside back-cover pocket. Pricing starts at: 100; $13.13-R. Click here:
The Bottom Line: Memory saver.

Storm In
The Pitch: Hurricane Earl is now a category 3, although "Earl" doesn't sound all that threatening. But here's a hurricane that's a lot more fun. The Squall neon pink 15-oz. hurricane glass from Sippers by Design (asi/84315) is only one of many creative drinkware items and you can see others, and read "The Adventures of Sipperella" here: These are great for special events, bar openings, restaurants and more. Why not whip up a Hurricane for said glass to help with riding out any storm? See Emeril's recipe for this delectable concoction here: Pricing starts at: 144; $4.05-R. For information on this particular item, email:
The Bottom Line: Bottoms up.

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