The Importance of Checking Off Your List in ESP

Every year, it’s crucial to make sure your information in ESP® is up to date and your products are being accurately represented to distributors. Let’s run through this checklist to determine if your product information in ESP could use some attention.

  • Are you visiting your ESP Product Scorecard regularly?
    It’s important for you to understand the current strength of your products and how you need to improve your product listings in ESP. Visit your Product Scorecard through the Connect™ dashboard to maintain your product listings.
  • How is your supplier rating?
    When you’re shopping on Amazon, how do you filter the products you want to purchase? You want to make sure the item has a 5-star rating to ensure quality. In ESP, supplier ratings work the same way, so yours is definitely something you’ll want to monitor moving forward.
  • Are your products confirmed for the first of the year?
    This is the blue check box next to your products that lets distributors know your items are up to date for the current year.
  • Are your product images up to date? Can distributors view your products in every color you have available?
    Distributors want to see all of their options so they have a better idea of what they’re buying. If a distributor wants to purchase a plain T-shirt, they’ll want to view it in every available color before making their decision. This can be applied to every product you offer.
  • Are your product details up to date? Do they provide all the information necessary for purchasing decisions?
    Are your descriptions telling the right story about your products? Check that all of the details provided about your offerings are correct because when it comes to making a purchase, accurate information is key.
  • Do you have videos?
    Videos give a 360-degree view of your product and are extremely important because distributors often filter out products without them when searching in ESP. If you need assistance in the video department, ASI Creative Labs, our onsite advertising team, is here to help bring your products to life with product videos!
  • Do you offer specials? Are they up to date?
    Everyone loves a good sale! If you have any running, be sure to include them. If you want to go one step further, take advantage of ESP Trigger Marketing. When a distributor views your products in ESP and leaves without making a purchase, they’ll receive an email within the hour notifying them about a special on the very products they were checking out.
  • Are you optimizing your product listings so they show up in more search results?
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool. By using effective keywords, we can help your products climb the ranks in ESP listings. Suppliers have seen a 20% jump in clicks just from using this service alone.
  • Do you have a Supplier Store?
    Provide all of your company information in one place for easy viewing for distributors. A Supplier Store is a one-stop shop where all of your top products, catalogs, videos, company information and so much more is aggregated in one place in ESP.

Are you in contact with your ASI® account rep about our advertising opportunities to get you more brand recognition?

Making sure your products are accurate in ESP is critical for the success of your business, and we want to help you get the best outcome for your company. If any of these items aren’t checked off your list, get in touch with us so we can start updating your information!